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Awesome features

Visualize your
Theory of Change

Present your strategies to create impact and show why these will be successful in creating the change you seek, using powerful intuitive visualization.

Zoom in on details
and show insight
into practice

Communicate the issues strategic to your social mission. Add validation, assumptions, goals, progress made, needs, innovations and more.

Innovative stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders contribute through a Wiki-like setup that is focused on consensus, integration of information and objective facts.

API integration

Easily embed your WikiChange account in your own website.

Unique combination of features

Unique combination of logic, visual mapping, communication and stakeholder engagement.

For who?

WikiChange is a web application for businesses, NGOs and projects that are
strategically committed to social and environmental value creation, and for stakeholders
willing to apply their expertise and resources to help these organizations move
their societal value creation strategies to greater levels.
We partner with grant makers, network organizations, international NGOs and
other organizations to foster a culture of strategic learning among their initiatives
and members as well as to improve their planning, monitoring and evaluation.
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Theory of Change (also known as Impact rationale)


Businesses, NGOs and projects

Organizations use WikiChange to develop, communicate and co-create their Theory of Change together with their stakeholders.

»   Foster a culture of strategic learning, critical thinking and results. Open up 'black boxes' in thinking, and approach societal value creation strategically. »   Take advantage of guiding resources -- such as (video) tutorials, illustrations, thought tools, templates, questions to ask, etc. -- to build your Theory of Change. »   Use your WikiChange account to consistently communicate about strategic issues from the perspective of societal value creation. Embed it on your website. »   Make stakeholders part of the process. Utilize their expertise and resources. »   Convince and fuel excitement for how your organisation is a benefit to society. Build buy-in from funders, civil society, customers, employees, and all stakeholders alike. »   Build your framework for impact measurement, monitoring and evaluation. »   Plan for partnerships and collaboration. Have a constantly evolving shared understanding and compass towards the desired impact.

Make your societal value work to your advantage! Read more in this blog post …

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Stakeholders use WikiChange to learn about social organizations and to help them bring their societal value creation to higher levels.

»   Employ your expertise to be of help and influence. Contribute to help move social organisations forward in ways that align with your own values. »   Present yourself through your contributions and by becoming a verified stakeholder. »   Gain concrete and thorough understanding of social organizations' impact rationales and their progress achieved. »   Basis for decision-making, without immediately having to read impact or sustainability reports to get to the real content and essence. »   Learn from other stakeholders' feedback and improve your understanding of an organization. »   Identify organizations with a well thought through vision that deliver impact. Decide which organizations are open to your input, and justify where to spend your resources.

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Verified stakeholder accounts: Get expert advice

Verified stakeholders commit to provide feedback where they see opportunities to do so. Organizations can invite verified stakeholders to give feedback on their WikiChange account, and thus get expert advice and feedback on their Theory of Change.
A verified stakeholder account offers stakeholders additional opportunities to present themselves and showcase their expertise.
If you're a reputable stakeholder such as an acknowledged expert, you can contact us to request a verified account. This way, the origin of your contributions is verifiable and without doubt.


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